WCM specialises in the development and manufacture of low volume parts production & prototypes, with experience in centrifugal and vacuum castings, high capacity rotocasting, RIM & RRIM casting and injection moulding. We have produced high quality scale models, art commissions, prototypes and low volume production runs for assemblies and components for over 25 years. With our wealth of materials knowledge and manufacturing experience we have gained Tier One status in numerous industries.


We work closely with a number of Automotive clients and Tier 1 suppliers, offering a wide range of applications, focusing on prototyping projects and low volume production runs.

Rim Casting

With our knowledge and experience of RIM Casting we are able to offer high-precision parts at exceptionally high quality standards for Automotive, Industrial and Electronics applications. 

Scale Models

The scale model market demands the very highest level of detail, and our expert craftsmen and model makers can produce complex parts with a wide range of materials and processes to exacting standards.

Special Vehicles

Our unrivalled experience working with low volume parts production and prototyping allows us to support niche markets such as Motorsport, Mass Transportation, ATV, Rail, and Military applications.


Our tailor-made prototyping services include complete 3D CAD support, low volume parts production and materials development through to full-scale production runs.

Clear Cast Resin

Our years of experience and skilled workforce enable us to create complex and eye-catching artworks of any size using optically clear cast resin. Also used in a variety of commercial applications.


We work closely with a number of Automotive clients and Tier 1 suppliers, offering a wide range of applications, focusing on prototyping projects and low volume production runs.


Our artistic flair and materials knowledge has lead us to create a number of eye-catching interior pieces including show-stopping lighting, bespoke furniture, unique accessories and even flooring.


With expertise in delivering prototype parts rapidly, we utilise SLA resin production technology to create detailed parts using the latest HD resolution SLA technology for customers across industry.

Injection Moulding

We support a range of injection moulding options, offering good value in both low and medium sized production runs, as well as sample runs and trial build options.


With a long history of working with in the art and interiors market, it is our attention to detail and exacting standards that have attracted the attention of artists, designers and galleries from all over the world.

Point of Sale

With our unrivalled experience and attention to detail, we work to support artists, designers and galleries all around the world producing one-off pieces and low volume production runs.

RRIM Casting

Our recent investment in a brand new RRIM Facility has enabled WCM to offer high-pressure RIM services supporting markets such as Automotive Aftermarket, Mass Transportation and Rail.

Vacuum Casting

With vacuum casting, our dedicated production teams are able to create complex parts, often incorporating intricate details and undercuts, in a range of materials and sizes to exacting standards.


We regularly work alongside major film and television projects, manufacturing props and costume pieces for the industry. Our attention to detail and materials knowledge has proved invaluable.

CAD Services

With our fully equipped CAD suite and dedicated design team, we can offer complete design support starting from a quick sketch or idea right through to complex technical 3D drawings.

WCM Supports New Hygiene Innovation

WCM are pleased to have recently been chosen as a prototyping and finishing partner by Hygienic Innovations Ltd, a new company specialising in developing new technical solutions to address hygiene challenges in commercial and domestic environments. The new to market... read more
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