WCM are pleased to have recently been chosen as a prototyping and finishing partner by Hygienic Innovations Ltd, a new company specialising in developing new technical solutions to address hygiene challenges in commercial and domestic environments.

The new to market product is the World’s first portable ultrasonic cleaner for use in the coffee shop industry, providing a reliable, safe and hygienic method for cleaning milk steam wands to remove any milk residue or any potential harmful bacteria left on the surface. The idea originally emerged from observations when visiting a well-known coffee brand chain. Jonathan Quinn, the business owner saw that servers were wiping the milk steam wand with questionably clean cloths after frothing, leading him to rapidly develop the PucMug in six months through prototyping and development. The device works through the use of ultrasonic waves that vibrate at 30,000 times per second. This travels through the cold or warm water within the PucMug, maintaining cleanliness of the wand, adding reassurance to the customer.

Eager to get the product into the market, WCM were approached to assist Hygienic Innovations in their development and prototyping needs, with a requirement for a batch of 25 presentation models to be produced to showcase the product ahead of a busy launch schedule. With expertise in vacuum casting, SLA and PU RIM, WCM utilised all three processes to create a series of SLA models that then formed the moulds for producing the Polyurethane parts. These were then assembled and given a professional finish with surface painting and applied branding. The 25 units have already been sent out to market testers and early adopters across the breadth of the UKs coffee industry ahead of its planned launch later this year. 

With Jonathan now ready for the opportunities ahead, he now faces the gruelling challenge of presenting the product to the esteemed business moguls in Dragon’s Den, due to be aired in the coming series. Jonathan is looking to further enhance the business of Hygienic Innovations with the support from the Dragon’s alongside having the opportunity to showcase the product to a large audience. 



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